Development of vaccines and antiviral agents

CSIC is working at the forefront of science in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the race to identify effective compounds for TREATMENT: antivirals that manage to alleviate the symptoms and put an end to the infection; as well as vaccines that can protect us from the virus and that are also effective in blocking its transmission.

New antivirals: screening of proprietary collections and design of new compounds for the treatment of the infection.

Repositioning of drugs: explore the therapeutic application for COVID-19 of drugs already approved by the major drug agencies (such as the AEMPS in Spain, the FDA in the USA or the EMA in the EU), thus shortening the time involved in clinical trials and providing therapies that can help sooner.

Therapeutic antibodies: evaluation and development of antibodies against disease-related molecules as a method to treat the disease, as well as for diagnostic purposes.

Vaccines: design and development of new vaccines.

Inflammation control: study of compounds that prevent the inflammatory reaction triggered in the body, seeking to palliate, reverse or stop the symptoms associated with the disease.

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