Platform for the massive screening of antiviral compounds, by means of two phases, one that is developed in the P2 laboratory with a model of the common cold coronavirus and another that is carried out in the P3 laboratory where the selected compounds are evaluated against SARS2. Repositioning drugs that are already in clinical use and would therefore be a quick way to find effective treatments in humans are being studied, as well as libraries of compounds, in collaboration with other projects led by CSIC groups, to identify new compounds and analyse their antiviral action mechanism. In collaboration with other projects led by CSIC groups, the screening of different collections of molecules is being carried out, which is making it possible to address both the repositioning of compounds for clinical use and the exploration of new antiviral compounds.

Principal Investigator: Pablo Gastaminza, Urtzi Garaigorta (CNB)

COVID-19 Project. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB)-CSIC

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