Research at the service of society


This page was elaborated with contributions from ongoing research projects related to COVID-19 performed at the CSIC.

The support of different entities and companies, including important donations to the CSIC for conducting research on COVID-19, has been essential to the creation of this platform and has allowed for funding of several research projects.

Funded projects will allow for a much better understanding of the transmission of the virus, its dynamics, and of the clinical and epidemiological aspects of the disease. The development of new diagnostic technologies, the testing of new combinations of antivirals, and the development of a new effective antigen-based vaccine are also ongoing funded initiatives. One of the most important challenges proposed is to establish the immune response in the Spanish population, which is a key element when considering and facing a possible new wave of infection. Equally relevant is the study of the effects of the mobility restriction and social distancing measures, which are crucial to design future containment strategies. As it is also important to analyze the coordination mechanisms between health policy and other public policy sectors in order to speed up the response to the crisis.

Studies to understand the genome of the virus in patients and the spread of the pandemic

Studies on disease severity and immunity

Studies on the transmission of the virus and new containment, protection and disinfection measures

Studies for the development of effective diagnostic and early detection technologies


CSIC studies to generate a safe and effective vaccine

Studies to develop new drugs and treatments

Studies on new therapeutic alternatives and improvement of disease symptoms


Studies to analyse the social impact of the pandemic and measures to deal with other emergencies



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