Media, outreach and education

 Bridging the gap between science and society

A fundamental part of global health, especially during times of crisis, is the right to information. However, to avoid panic or widespread misinformation (also known as infodemia), which can become a severe danger, such information must be truthful and based on proven facts. This is why the MEDIA, OUTREACH AND EDUCATION theme seeks to provide society with proven information based on high quality scientific research.

It aims to bring science closer to all citizens and to connect and implement the knowledge acquired during this pandemic into the education system so that this information helps to prevent and contain future social and health crises.

Perception of Science: the role that science and scientists should have in crises and the perception that society has of them.

Social communication: analyze what messages should be transmitted in each situation and by whom, and what is the best method to fight misinformation.

Outreach: encourage society’s involvement in the understanding and evolution of pandemics and bring scientific discoveries closer to all citizens.

Mandatory Education in Global Health: that includes, among others, prevention and containment protocols, lifestyle, nutrition advice and/or a combination of these factors


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