The incidence of the disease in society

From the moment it begins to spread, the disease has an IMPACT on people’s lives. The degree of this impact depends mainly on existing prevention measures, on the capacity for transmission and the severity of the disease and on the way inhabitants interact. Containment measures adopted by each society and globally and the speed with which treatments are identified to alleviate and stop the disease can also condition the impact.

This theme focuses its research on the IMPACT that the disease has on society, considering different but complementary areas that include social, political, economic, environmental and scientific aspects. The aim is to create stable communication and coordination structures between the authorities, health centers and research groups

Social: an approach to how the disease affects the organization of society, especially some vulnerable and at-risk groups.

Political: an analysis of how regional, national or supranational institutions are affected by the disease, what are their channels and protocols for cooperation, management, coordination and communication and any existing deficiencies.

Economic: study of the impact of the disease on the economy during the social and health emergency and its future consequences.

Environmental: research to determine how the disease impacts on the natural environment, affecting all living beings and the planet.

Scientific dynamics and innovation: analysis on how the disease changes the way research is conducted and the cooperation and communication channels between scientists, public research bodies, universities and the private sector.

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