The aim is to generate viral vectors based on a modification of the Vaccinia virus (called MVA) containing some of the proteins on the surface of the virus that are relevant to the infection. Because of its proven high attenuation, as MVA recombinants have been tested in numerous clinical trials and the MVA vector has been licensed by the FDA and EMA regulatory agencies as a smallpox vaccine, the MVA-COVID-19 vaccine would be safe and could be administered at all ages to all types of populations, including people with immune deficiencies. Two different vaccine candidates will be initially tested in pre-clinical studies in mice, and the best vaccine candidate will be ready to enter clinical studies in humans.

Principal Investigators: Mariano Esteban, Juan García Arriaza, Carmen E. Gómez

COVID-19 Project. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB)-CSIC

ISCIII COV20_00151

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