Design, manufacture and hospital validation of sample collection kits for the identification of possible COVID-19 positives in a fast, efficient and delocalised manner using 3D additive manufacturing (FA).

The effective control of the COVID-19 pandemic requires the performance of a large number of tests to identify the infected people quickly and to be able to isolate them. In the absence of reliable rapid tests, the diagnostic method that offers the most guarantees is the RT-qPCR test. The PCR tests being performed are limited, resulting in high prices and clearly speculative situations. The basis of this pioneering project at European level is the use of “in-house” additive manufacturing ( FA) to be able to manufacture swabs that can be used in the sampling with guarantees. Experts in 3D printing, research centres and leading hospitals will work together to this end. Initially, it is intended to develop a kit with a swab developed in the project with similar characteristics to the commercial ones in a short term to be able to face the current situation. In a second phase, taking advantage of FA, designs will be optimized to obtain a higher quality sampling.    

Principal Investigator: Juan Rodríguez Hernández (ICTP)

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