Actions to reduce the incidence of the virus

The aim is to achieve, in the CONTENTION area, a decrease in SARS-CoV-2 incidence, through its fast and trustworthy detection, and by minimizing or eradicating transmission by direct and indirect contact.

Propagation and epidemiology: study how the virus is transmitted and spreads by taking into account the way inhabitants of a particular society interact, which allows us to make predictions.

Diagnosis and detection: analyze the best methods (accurate, fast and at a reasonable cost) to determine if a person suffers from the disease, even at early stages and although symptoms have not yet appeared. The information is useful to adopt measures and to determine/design a precise treatment.

Protection: determine what protective and training equipment is necessary to prevent infections and which materials or advanced technologies are most suitable for this purpose.

Containment protocols: detailed study of the protocols that must be implemented to prevent the spread of the virus, taking into account the scientific-institutional communication channels.

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