The project studies the SARS-CoV-2 genome in 20,000 patients throughout Spain and aims to understand what happened in the early stages of the pandemic and answer questions such as when did the coronavirus arrive in our country and how did it spread throughout the autonomous communities. In collaboration with the clinic, through a network of hospitals all over Spain, the objective is the comparative study of the genomes of the new coronavirus from patients with COVID-19 disease to understand and predict its evolution and epidemiology in space and time. The expected impact will make it possible to establish transmission routes (geographical and temporal); evaluate different containment measures); estimate the number of undiagnosed infections; provide information for monitoring in the coming months (possible mutations and drug resistance); measure the performance of diagnostic methods; and analyse critical cases. 
It is estimated that 18,000-20,000 samples supplemented with clinical information on each patient will be studied throughout the country thanks to the participation of more than 30 clinical laboratories.
Principal Investigator: Iñaki Comas (IBV)
ISCIII COV20_00140

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